About the Annual Integrated Report

This Report provides an overview of the Group’s value creation process, reporting current and outlook financial and non-financial information and highlighting the connections between the environment in which we carry on our business, our strategy and our corporate governance structure. Information in this report regards material aspects which, as such, are included within the Group’s strategy and specified in our materiality matrix. In pursuing our strategy, we will continue to carefully use the range of capital available and to consider how it is interconnected. This is how we will create value for our internal and external stakeholders. Active dialogue with all of them will also enable us to manage, measure and represent the relevant topics within a materiality matrix for which we commit to developing concrete actions and consistent initiatives.

Our strategy, p. 24
Sustainability Report 2016, p. 17
For further information on the materiality matrix process and representation

The report complies with prevailing regulations and the principles of the International  <IR> Framework issued by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

We continue to follow the developments of reporting at national and international level through the <IR> Business Network and the specific network dedicated to insurance companies.

Note to the Report
For further details on how the Framework was applied, especially regarding the Guiding Principles and the Content Elements set forth therein

Responsibility for the Annual Integrated Report

The Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali is responsible for the Annual Integrated Report. The reporting process was conducted under its responsibility, applying the Guiding Principles and Content Elements set out under the International <IR> Framework.

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The Generali Group’s reporting aims to best satisfy stakeholder information requirements. Comments, opinions, questions and requests for hard copies of the Report may be sent to integratedreporting@generali.com

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