A journey into our future

Our reports are not simply reporting documents.Their aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of how the Group creates value with regard to a number of major contemporary issues. These issues, of course, outline the field of action of a global insurance player such as ours: more specifically, demographic trends, climate change, the company’s social role and, above all, the changes dictated by innovation technology.

Innovation is indeed the cross-cutting issue of Generali’s 2016 reports, viewed from different perspectives: customers, who are evermore well-informed and interconnected; agents, the cornerstone of a distribution strategy increasingly open to multimedia; employees, actively involved in a process of cultural and operational change; big data management, a key tool for interpreting the world surrounding us and anticipating its developments. And then the Internet of Things, mobility and the major topic of growth, the real challenge not only for businesses but for all policymakers who need to take decisions in such complicated times.

This year, readers will be accompanied by illustrations created by artists who have used, each in their own way, a symbolic and coloured language to outline concepts that have a deep impact on the life of our Group and of its stakeholders. Our wish is for readers to have a pleasant journey that at the same time will make them reflect, help them interpret the economy and society with a more informed and aware attitude, and make them feel surprised that a Generali Group report can be much more than a simple report.